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Haidilao Hotpot Condiments Attracting Investment across China

As an influential regional agent, are you tasked with trading hundreds of products with only a few of them being actually profitable? Are you managing dozens of brands with only a handful really making an impact in the market? Are you still waiting for big brands to find you?

Maybe what you are looking for is a company that is developing rapidly, with brand power, a product with strong development potential and proven sustainable profitability.

Indeed, Haidilao Hotpot + Haidilao Condiments represent an opportunity for astute businessmen for the following reasons:

Haidilao’s sales have been growing at over 50% on a year-on-year basis for the past five consecutive years, and projected to continue growing;

The Haidilao brand enjoys a positive reputation and wide recognition;

The product line expansion has moved steadily, from hotpot condiments to household-use seasonings

Through reasonable allocation of profits and strategic marketing investments, it has been successful in reaching out to the consumer base;

The focus on customer interests and the pursuance of fair cooperation by sharing its benefits has led to it becoming an active, well-respected and influential player in the consumer market;

Haidilao provides its products to consumers in over 200 cities across China.

It is commonly understood that the time of calm sailing on the blue seas for tradesmen is long gone, and that it is those who have unfettered access and claim to the end market with a strong brand and product are the powerhouses in this age. Haidilao Condiments embodies this philosophy, and seeks agents with whom the message resonates.


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Are you a powerhouse in your own right?

Do you have effective marketing channels and sufficient terminal points-of-sales?

Do you have intelligent and capable salesmen and robust delivery capacity?

Do you have a forward-looking business strategy and the courage to explore the market?

Are you capable of handling market operations independently and courageously coping with pressure?

Are you willing to obey market rules to do business in an open and fair manner?

Contact Haidilao Condiments if you are a dynamo with an innovative and tactical vision;

cooperating with Haidilao Condiments would be a wise choice for you!

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