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The company hereby declares that it does not bear any legal responsibility for the following matters:

(1) in this statement, the use of your site, and any content related to the site, service or other links to the site, the content of the site are not directly, indirectly, statutory, contractual guarantee.

(2) no matter under any reason (including but not limited to negligence), to you or any person by using the information on this site or caused by the web site link information, or other linked to this website and the website information loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, responsibility by the user borne (including but not limited to liability for negligence). Users on the use of this website that agreed to undertake browse this website all the risk, because operators or related company did not participate in the construction, production and development of the web site or the content, to users in this website access information in any direct and relevant, consequences, indirect or money loss does not assume any liability of right to investigate any people or any violation of this statement, the company retain legal right to investigate.

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