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About Yihai

We are a leading compound condiment manufacturer in China primarily targeting the hot pot condiment market. We are the largest mid- to high-end hot pot soup flavoring condiment manufacturer in China as measured by sales value in 2015, accounting for over 30% market share which is over three times that of the second largest market participant, according to Frost & Sullivan.. We are also the second largest hot pot condiment manufacturer in China as measured by sales value in 2015, accounting for 6.8% market share, according to Frost & Sullivan. We are the only hot pot condiment manufacturer primarily focused on the fast-growing mid- to high-end segment, according to Frost & Sullivan . During the Track Record Period, substantially all of our hot pot soup flavoring products were mid- to high-end products and we achieved the highest sales value growth rate among the five largest hot pot condiment manufacturers in China.

Benefitting from the well established “Haidilao” (海底撈) brand as well as our market-oriented and solid innovation capabilities, extensive network coverage, advanced production techniques and stringent quality control mechanism, we are one of the few Chinese compound condiment manufacturers with a nationwide reputation. We aspire to become a leading culinary condiment solutions provider in China.

Our market leadership is built upon the success of our products. We aim to provide comprehensive and high quality products by relentlessly executing the following strategies (i) consistent focus on the mid- to high-end marketsector, (ii) continuous expansion into new segments of the compound condiment market, and (iii) uncompromising commitment to product quality to keep abreast of the evolving customer expectations and food safety standards. We offer a wide range of condiment products, ranging from hot pot condiments to Chinese-style compound condiments such as spicy stir-fry pot and pickles and fish stew condiments. As of 31 December 2015, we had three major product lines with 56 products.

We have established an extensive nationwide distribution network. As of 31 December 2015, our 339 distributors covered 31 provincial territories, all first-tier cities, 28 second-tier cities and 134 third- and fourth-tier cities in China as well as 11 overseas countries and overseas markets, enabling our products to reach over 6,000 hypermarkets and supermarkets in China, including Walmart and Carrefour, and traditional retail channels, such as grocery stores, neighborhood stores, and butcher shops. In addition, we have established and have been continuously strengthening our presence in overseas markets through our distributors. Our physical network is further supplemented by e-commerce channels such as and Our products are sold to 11 overseas countries and overseas regionsmarkets in North America, Europe and Asia.

We are the supplier of hot pot soup flavoring products for Haidilao Group in China, and our products have significantly contributed to the successful growth of Haidilao Group. Haidilao Group was the largest Chinese hot pot restaurant chain and the No.1 Chinese cuisine restaurant company in China as measured by sales value in both 2014 and 2015, according to Frost & Sullivan. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, Haidilao Group owned 93, 111 and 142 hot pot restaurants in 24, 29 and 39 cities across China, respectively, and owned two, four and seven hot pot restaurants in two, three and five overseas locations, respectively. The continuous expansion and growth of the Haidilao Group in China and around the globe has significantly boosted our business growth as well as promoted customers’ recognition and acceptance of our products. Our products are displayed and available for purchase at Haidilao hot pot restaurants, giving us access to promote our products to our target customers. Over 50 million customers dineding at Haidilao hot pot restaurants in 2015 and 8.6 million members with Haidilao Group’s memberships.

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